How much money is spent in American elections and where does it come from


Voting in the US presidential election is going to be held on 3 November. This election is considered to be the most expensive election in the world. Publicity for this starts years ago. The last few elections have cost billions of dollars. In this election (Election) the expenses are going to be very high, but this time it is somewhat different.

How much more than last election
In the last election held in 2016, the total expenditure was estimated at $ 6.5 billion. This time the election is going to be the most expensive election ever. It is estimated to be two times compared to the previous election cycle. A research group hopes that this time the election expenses will reach $ 3 billion more than the recent previous estimate.

The battle also took place in the Supreme CourtThe Center for Responsive Politics says that in the months before the election of this election, the unusually huge amount of money has sparked a war in the US Supreme Court. The expenditure of $ 11 billion which was previously estimated in this, has now been increased.

How much will this time cost

This center says that the total expenditure in the 2020 elections will reach 14 billion dollars and break all records of spending. Democratic candidate Joe Biden will be the first such candidate in American history whose accumulated donations will exceed one billion dollars. His campaign had collected a record donation of $ 938 million by October 14. At the same time, President Donald Trump raised $ 596 million.

Joe Biden has collected more than a billion donations this time in the presidential election. (File photo AP Photo / Julio Cortez)

Corona also affected
Significantly, this time due to Corona virus, the electoral activities have not been done with the activeness as it has been this time, from common donors to billionaires, less donations have been made. This time women are donating more, Americans are donating more to candidates whose offices are not in their area.

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What does this center do
The Center for Responsive Politics is an independent and non-profit organization of a non-party. It says that the expenses of this election are going to be more than the expenses of the last two elections. This center keeps information about the expenses incurred in American politics and its impact on public policy with elections.

Donald Trump, Us Election 2020

In the US Presidential Election, Democrats have raised a lot of donations this time .. Photo: AP

2018 record to be broken
The director of the group says that in the year 2018, people had donated the record but in 2020 this record is also seen to be crumbling. Ten years ago, it was considered a fantasy to get a presidential candidate’s donation of one billion dollars, but this time it has turned into reality. In this election, the national groups have a significant impact on the expenses, only in the month of October, these groups have about Spent 1.2 billion dollars. These groups have spent more for Biden than Trump. A similar trend was shown in the year 2018 as well.

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In the year 2020, Democrat candidates and groups spent $ 5.5 billion, while Republicans spent $ 3.8 billion. The Democrats had never found such a difference before. At the same time, both parties have received more donations from smaller donors than before, but here also Democrats got 1.7 billion donations whereas Republicans got one billion dollars.


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