Hemangi Kavi and Priyanka Gandhi: This is a crime as big as rape … Hemangi Kavi Post Viral – Hemangi Kavi Facebook Post Viral Express Her Anger Over Police Probing Priyanka Gandhi Manhandling


Mumbai: Some photos of Uttar Pradesh police misbehaving with Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who was on her way to visit the family of a victim in the Hathras atrocity case in Uttar Pradesh, went viral on social media. In this photo, a policeman is caught on camera grabbing Priyanka Gandhi’s clothes. After this, the Uttar Pradesh police is being criticized. Several actresses have also expressed outrage through social media over the abuse case. Marathi film actress Hemangi Kavi Hina has also strongly objected to this behavior of the police.

Hemangi Kavi’s post on social media is currently the topic of discussion. In this photo, a police officer is seen holding the hand of Priyanka Gandhi. ‘Don’t just come and talk on social media, madam, get out, look at those who say and challenge! Is it safe! How do those hands feel on her? This is as big a crime as rape. Do you know the real problem? ‘, She asked indignantly.

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What’s the matter?
Hundreds of Congress workers who had gathered at DND were on their way to Hathras when they were attacked. Police used force to bring them under control. At that time, Priyanka Gandhi was moving forward. To stop them, male police officers instead of female police officers tried to stop them. In the photo released at this time, it is clearly seen that the male police officer is holding Priyanka Gandhi’s kurta tightly with her hands.

This kind of thing started a lot of discussion on social media. Noida police in Uttar Pradesh then issued an apology. Noida police has a tweet. Noida police are sorry for the incident. The incident took place while controlling a large crowd. We apologize to Priyanka Gandhi.
Criticism of police along with Priyanka Gandhi, Sanjay Raut along with Congress
Chitra Wagh’s tweet in discussion
The tweet of BJP leader and Maharashtra BJP vice-president Chitra Wagh regarding Priyanka Gandhi’s misconduct is also under discussion. If women are coming forward in support, then the police of any place should be aware of their limitations. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanathji, who believes in Indian culture, should take stern action against such policemen, ‘tweeted Chitra Wagh.


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