HDFC Bank CEO Aditya Puri Says to Employees Your Jobs Increments and Bonuses are Secure


Mumbai: HDFC Bank Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Aditya Puri has assured the bank’s employees that their jobs and bonuses are safe. Puri said that despite the Kovid-19 pandemic, the bank is doing well and has sufficient capital and there is no pressure on the loans given by it. He also pointed out that the bank’s earnings data could come out in the recently concluded July to September quarter and the coming quarters.

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A large number of people have lost jobs, especially in the organized sector due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. This is because the economic activity came to a standstill due to the lockdown. HDFC Bank and its private sector competing banks increased their staff salaries at the time of the epidemic and fulfilled bonus commitments.

Puri said through video message to 1.15 lakh employees of the bank last week, “Not only is your job safe but your increment is also safe. Your bonus and promotion are also protected.

Puri is retiring from his post this month. He has led the bank over the last 25 years. Puri said he was giving this assurance on behalf of the bank’s top management, including his successor Shashidhar Jagadishan.

HDFC Bank CEO said, “The bank is doing well.” We have as much capital as we need. Our portfolio is not under any kind of pressure. We are aggressively using our distribution and technology advantage. ”

He urged the employees to work as a team and to follow the vision of the bank.

Meanwhile, HDFC Bank’s share price on the NSE rose by Rs 28.80, or 2.58 per cent to Rs 1,143.15. HDFC shares rose by Rs. 134.90, which was a massive gain of 7.56 percent to Rs. 1,920.

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