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In Hathras, there is information about the health of the victim’s father deteriorating. (File Photo)

Brijesh Rathod, CMO of Hathras told that the victim’s father has been reported ill. His blood pressure is high. The CMO himself has said to go there.

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Hathras The health of the father of the victim of Hathras case of Uttar Pradesh has deteriorated. It is learned that the father has refused to go to the hospital despite his ill health. When the matter was reported to the district administration, the CMO from the Health Department himself left for the victim’s village. He said that he himself would go and convince the victim’s father for treatment.

CMO Brijesh Rathore said that it has been reported that the victim’s father is ill. His blood pressure is high. I’m going, see. The CMO said that the victim’s father is not ready to go to the hospital. They are saying that there are some other problems also. We are going to the village. I will talk to them myself after reaching the village. The CMO said that we will take them to the district hospital, which we will be able to treat, if necessary.

CBI team is also reaching the village
On the other hand, to investigate the case, the CBI team will reach the victim’s village on Tuesday to check the opportunity. According to the information, the CBI can also set up a temporary office here to investigate the case. Before the arrival of the CBI, Hathras Police has taken the incident into its circle. Many policemen are present on the spot. People are not being allowed to go to the scene. They are already being stopped. Let the CBI team reach the chance-a-case and start the process of forensic investigation.No bone immersion until justice is done

Earlier in the Hathras case, the victims’ family appeared before the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court and returned home late on Monday night. The family members have returned to Hathras amidst tight security by the police. At the same time, after returning home, the victim’s family said that they will not immerse their daughter’s bones until they get justice. He said that we have raised the issue before the court that the body of my daughter was burnt without permission from us.


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