Hathras CBI probe lawyer seema kushwaha says hathras family wants case transferred to delhi or mumbai – family wants transfer of Hathras case to Delhi or Mumbai, demand placed in court: lawyer Seema Kushwaha


Lawyer Seema Kushwaha, who fought Nirbhaya’s case, told the media that ‘the family wants this case to be transferred to Delhi or Mumbai’. He also told that the family has requested in the court that the details of the investigation should be stopped in public. The next hearing of this case is to be held on November 2. The family said in front of the media that they will not do the bone immersion of the victim until he gets justice.

During the hearing, the court asked tough questions from the Uttar Pradesh Police and the administration on how to handle the case and cremated the victim at midnight. The case has been taken over by the CBI. The CBI team went to the village on Sunday to collect some documents and then returned.

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The victim’s family, coming from just a few Dalit families in this village of Hathras, had complained of threats from upper caste families, after which they have been given protection. On Monday, the family said that they are feeling very insecure, so they need more security.

Let the DM of Hathras justify the midnight cremation in the court. The police had cremated the victim at 2.30 pm and during that time the girl’s father and brothers were locked in their house. The family had requested the police to perform the last rites the next morning to give them the dead body, which was rejected by the police. DM Praveen Kumar Luxor said that there was no pressure from the state government to conduct the cremation in this way. He said that this decision was taken by the local administration. They said that the police did this to maintain law and order. However, this argument has been challenged by the family.

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The court sharply questioned that if the victim had come from a rich family instead of coming from a poor family, would she have adopted the same attitude? Seema Kushwaha told NDTV, ‘The court asked the DM- if the victim was from a rich family? Would you have cremated him in the same way? ‘

The High Court took cognizance of the case on 1 October after the anger spread across the country over the alleged gangrape, death and then his cremation. On Monday, the victim’s parents and three brothers arrived for a hearing amid heavy police security.

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