hathras case: Why did the Prime Minister, who chanted the slogan ‘Save my daughter’, swallow the moog and remain silent ?, Congress question on the Hathras incident – Congress leader Balasaheb Thorat


Mumbai: ‘The Hathras incident in Uttar Pradesh made the country feel ashamed, but the BJP’s Yogi Adityanath government did not show any sympathy. This case was handled very irresponsibly and in a dictatorial manner. Instead of giving justice to the victim’s family, the Uttar Pradesh government threatened them. The Congress party is fighting for justice for the victim’s family and a statewide satyagraha will be held on Monday. The struggle will continue till the victim’s family gets justice, said Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee Chairman and Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat.

‘Women and girls are not safe in the BJP-ruled state. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who chanted the slogan ‘Save my daughter’, is silent. The Congress party will hold a statewide satyagraha on Monday to demand an answer from the egocentric BJP government in Uttar Pradesh and bring justice to the victims. This satyagraha will be held at all the district headquarters in the state, ‘Thorat has said that he himself will participate in the satyagraha in Mumbai.

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‘The Hathras case should be judicially investigated by the Supreme Court. The Collector of Hathras should be suspended. Why did the police burn the body of the victim by throwing petrol on each other? Why did the Uttar Pradesh administration repeatedly mislead? Why was the victim’s family threatened? And how to believe that the cremated body belonged to the victim? The victim’s family has the right to know the answers to these questions and the answers to these questions will have to be given to the Yogi Adityanath government, ‘said Thorat.

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‘Yogi Adityanath’s arrogant and authoritarian tendencies have hung the arms of democracy on the doorstep. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi were stopped on their way to Hathras. Protesting against the repression of the Uttar Pradesh government, Congress workers across the country, including Maharashtra, took to the streets and expressed their anger. Eventually, the UP government allowed Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi to visit the victim’s family. But on his way, he attacked the Congress workers with sticks and the Mastwal male police officers went to the extent of touching the clothes of the General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee, Priyanka Gandhi. This shows the low level of mentality of Yogi Adityanath government towards women. This is a maze of power and this maze of BJP will not last without the people coming down, said Thorat.


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