hathras case: Hathras: big action of Yogi government, many policemen suspended, including SP-CO, ‘bully’ hangs on DM – yogi govt suspends hathras dm and sp for neglingence in dealing with case



  • Seven policemen including SP Vikrant Veer, Inspector of Chandpa police station, DSP also measured
  • Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was extremely angry about the role of DM-SP in the case
  • The CM had asked for the report, the DM-SP of Hathras was expected to be suspended at any time
  • District’s ‘bully’ DM Praveen Kumar Laxkar also hangs on

Yogi government has come into action mode in Hathras case. Late Friday, the government suspended SP Vikrant Veer, CO and Inspector of the district with immediate effect due to negligence in the Hathras case. Apart from these, some other policemen have been suspended. DM Praveen Kumar hangs the sword of action against Laxkar.

Let me tell you that administrative negligence has been revealed in this case since the beginning. Not seeing the controversy subsided, the Chief Minister’s Office intervened directly and sought a detailed report against the DM-SP. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was extremely angry about the role of DM and SP in the whole matter. It was believed that the DM and SP of Hathras could be suspended at any time. However, the situation regarding the action on the DM is not clear yet.

Suspicious from the beginning The role of Hathras DM

The role of Hathras District Collector Praveen Kumar Laxkar has been questionable since the beginning. The family of the deceased girl made very serious allegations against DM Laxkar. DM Praveen Kumar was accused by the victim’s sister-in-law that the DM had told her father-in-law (father of the victim) that if your daughter had just died of corona, would you have been compensated?

Video on social media threatening the father of the viral victim

Apart from this, a footage of the conversation between the District Magistrate and the victim’s father on social media has also led to serious allegations against the administration. In a video surfaced on social media, the DM is telling the victim’s father that you do not end your credibility. Let me tell you these media people, half left today and half will leave tomorrow. We stand with you, you wish that you have to change the statement repeatedly or not. Now if we change too?


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