Hasan Mushrif: Hasan Mushrif: Will Thackeray government give another blow to Fadnavis ?; Now ‘this’ demand – jalyukt shivar probe hasan mushrif targets chandrakant patil


Kolhapur:The CAG report has clearly observed that during the BJP government, Rs 10,000 crore was squandered on the government’s Jalyukat Shivar Yojana. The campaign has not even raised the water level in the villages. However, corruption has become rampant, Rural Development Minister Hasan Mushrif said at a press conference. He said that as per the decision taken by the cabinet, an open inquiry into the campaign would be held, adding that road projects under the hybrid annuity scheme in the last five years should also be investigated. (Hasan Mushrif Targets Chandrakant Patil)

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BJP state president Chandrakant Patil had on Thursday claimed that the water-rich Shivar Yojana has increased the water level in 22,000 villages and benefited farmers. Replying to him, Minister Mushrif said that the BJP government has increased the revised administrative approval of individual projects to 900 per cent, 700 per cent, 600 per cent, 500 per cent of the original cost. The main objective was to increase the water level in the villages after the completion of the water-rich Shivar. However, the CAG has made it clear that the water level in the suburbs has not risen. However, corruption in the project is rampant. The BJP has squandered Rs 10,000 crore on government funds, the CAG said in a serious report. That is why the Cabinet has decided to conduct an open inquiry into the campaign. Real; There are many such projects that need to be investigated.

Mushrif said, “I was constantly saying about Chandrakant Patil’s ministerial post, that he is a very lucky leader, he has such important accounts and responsibilities. But his five-year tenure as a minister did not help Maharashtra, let alone Kolhapur district. Because Kolhapur district was expected to withhold 13 to 14 TMC of water as per Krishna Valley arbitration. But not a single drop of water has stopped in five years. ‘

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“Our government is not vindictive,” Mushrif said, noting that the opposition was accusing the ruling party of playing politics. The issue has come up only after the CAG report came out. Stating that our government has paid Rs 392 crore to both the ruling and opposition sugar mills, Mushrif said, “We feel that all the farmers should be crushed.” If the BJP government was in power in the state, would our factories have come under such pressure ?, he also raised the question.

Inquiry into road projects under hybrid annuity scheme

Mushrif also demanded that road projects under the five-year hybrid annuity scheme of the BJP government led by Devendra Fadnavis should be investigated. He said that the work undertaken under this scheme is currently closed. Road contractors have disappeared. Chandrakant Patil at least wanted to improve the roads in his district. But even in that, he failed. Mushrif said he would ask Public Works Minister Ashok Chavan to inquire into the scheme.

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