Gold prices fall again, gold down by 5,800 from record highs | Gold-Silver becomes cheaper today, gold reduced by a record level to Rs 5800


new Delhi: After being expensive yesterday, gold and silver prices have softened again today. Although gold has been trading in a circle since morning. Yesterday saw good gains in gold and silver. But today as soon as the market opens, both the metals are being traded with lethargy.

Mild weakness in gold and silver

Currently, December futures of gold on MCX are trading at Rs 50531 per 10 gram with a weakness of Rs 150. The gold had closed at Rs 50687 per 10 gram yesterday. In August, gold touched a record high of 56379. Since then, during these three months, gold has become cheaper by Rs 5800 per 10 grams.

Silver prices are also traded in a limited range. December futures of silver on MCX is trading at Rs 61887 per kg with a weakness of Rs 200. Yesterday, Chadin closed at a price of Rs 62095. Although silver rose above yesterday’s price on intraday, but it could not last long.

Gold and silver in the spot market

According to IBJA’s website, gold in the spot market is 200 rupees cheaper than yesterday. Yesterday the price of 24 carat gold in the spot market was running at Rs 51023, today the price is Rs 50813 per 10 grams. Similarly, the price in silver has been reduced by Rs 900 compared to yesterday. In the spot market yesterday, the price of silver was at 62540, while today’s price is open at 61622.

Foreign market gold and silver

Due to the strengthening of the dollar, gold is trading with a slight decline in foreign markets. Spot Gold is trading at $ 1,903.16 an oz. Gold did not fall much due to the hope of relief package in America. Silver is trading with a slight fall, silver is down slightly at $ 24.43 an oz.

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