Finch was caught red-handed smoking a cigarette in the dressing room, video viral


Royal Challengers Bangalore played Rajasthan Royals in Dubai on Saturday (October 17). In this match, Bangalore defeated Rajasthan by 7 wickets. AB de Villiers played a vital role in Bangalore’s victory by scoring 55 off 22 balls. However, Bangalore opener Aaron Finch came into the limelight during the match. He had the same reason. He was seen smoking during the match. His video is currently going viral on social media.

Chasing a target of 178, Bangalore needed eight off the last five balls to win. At the same time the camera turned to the dressing room of Bangalore. This time Finch was seen smoking an e-cigarette. The camera had turned to the dressing room in Bangalore for just a few seconds. But even in these few seconds, Finch’s action was captured on camera.

Finch is currently being criticized for this and it remains to be seen what decision the IPL Governing Council will take on this.

This is not the first time in the IPL that a cricketer has smoked a cigarette during a match. Shane Warne was seen smoking a cigarette during an IPL match in 2008. Which led to a lot of controversy. Warne was part of the Rajasthan team at the time. Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, was once seen smoking a cigarette in the stadium during an IPL match.

In Saturday’s match, de Villiers hit a six to give Bangalore the victory. This was Bangalore’s 6th victory. He is currently ranked third in the table.

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