Father held for physical assault of daughter National Capital Delhi


New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. A sensational case of a father raping his own young daughter has come to light in the country’s capital Delhi. Not only this, once the daughter had done dirty work with the daughter, the father started blackmailing her again and again. Eventually, the daughter complained to the police. On this, Delhi Police arrested the accused father of rape. The people of the surrounding area are very angry when this is revealed. According to the information received, a woman has accused her father of rape in Najafgarh area of ​​West Delhi. After receiving the complaint, the police registered a case and arrested the accused.

It is alleged in the case that the girl was alone at home. His mother went to the relatives’ house. During this time, the father exploited him and threatened to kill him on telling someone. On not complaining, he tried to take advantage of her several times, which caused the victim to complain against her father. The investigation of the case is going on.

Attempt to kidnap teenager

At the same time, in another case, a teenager at Nihal Vihar police station in west Delhi has accused some youths of trying to kidnap them. In her complaint, the teenager has said that on October 7, when she was in her house, some youth from the car came in front of her house with the intention of kidnapping her. The teenager made a noise, after which the youth fled.

After this, the teenager told the whole thing to her mother. After which the mother informed the police about the whole incident. The woman has stated in her complaint that she recognizes some of the accused. He has also informed the police about the place where some of the accused remain. The teenager says that these young people have a wrong tendency towards girls in the area. In this case the police say that an attempt is being made to contact the complainant side. A team of police went to their house, where they were not found. After this, the police tried to contact the mobile number given by the complainant, but the number switch off was found. However, the investigation of the case is going on.

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