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Washington, Agency. Cats sometimes do such a thing that no one can even imagine. A cat did something similar in Florida, USA. Kay Rogers explains, ‘Our cat Olive often brings something from outside. We think she keeps giving us gifts. But, this time the gift she brought was not even her imagination. I was not at home during that time. Betty Avery said that the cat brought something from outside into the mouth and left it in the hall. Avery was stunned when she got close to him. He was a double-faced snake. ‘ The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported that it is a black racer species snake that is not poisonous. However, it is unusual for a snake to have two mouths. The two may not have been separated during fetal development. Therefore the body remains one, but the mouth is two.

Learn why a snake has two mouths

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission identified the snake as a southern black racer and shared the photos on Facebook. He wrote that such an event is called bicephaly, which is unusual. It occurs at the time of fetal development. When two monozygotic twins fail to separate, the body has two heads. The Commission said that it is very difficult for two headed snakes to live in the forest. Because two brains make different decisions that hinder the ability of predators to feed or escape.

The snake was not able to eat well

Rogers stated that the snake was unrelated, with both heads pulling in different directions. He stated that due to having two heads, he was not coordinated. They were not able to eat well. As soon as the food was placed in front of them, one head was moving towards eating and the other head was pulling it away. The two-headed snake is currently being looked after by FWC staff.

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