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Earlier, a priest was burnt alive in Karauli and after the shopkeeper demanded his salary, he was allegedly burnt alive by the contractor by throwing petrol on him.

Alwar, October 26: A tragic accident took place near Khairthal police station in Rajasthan’s Alwar district. The liquor store here caught fire, in which the shopkeeper was burnt alive. The liquor contractor had made boxes for sale out of iron and wood and arranged for the sellers to sit in them, which caught fire for unknown reasons. Salesman Kamal Kishor died on the spot in the accident. However, it is alleged that the fire did not start and petrol was thrown on Kamal Kishor’s body to burn him.

Earlier, after a priest was burnt alive in Karauli, the shopkeeper demanded his salary and the contractor dumped petrol on him and burnt him alive. The body of 23-year-old Kamal Kishor was found burnt in a deep freezer at a liquor den. Kamal Kishor’s family has filed a case against the two. The mother of the main accused is said to be the Sarpanch of the same village.

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Kamal Kishor’s brother has lodged a complaint with the police. He said that his brother was working at Subhash Yadav’s liquor den in nearby Kumpur village in Kherthal area. He had not been paid for five months. Kamal went to Subhash Yadav to ask for salary. Kamal Kishor’s brother has accused Subhash Yadav of taking him to a liquor store and throwing petrol on him and burning him alive.

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Kamal’s body was found in the deep freezer after the container was opened, the family said. The body of Kamal was first burnt by pouring petrol on it, after which his body was kept in the freezer. Police are investigating the matter. A case of murder and atrocity has been registered against Rakesh Yadav and Subhash Yadav.

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First published:October 26, 2020, 9:14 AM IS



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