Emrati Devi’s ‘item’ mentioned, sorry from Kamal Nath after criticism – ABP Majha


  1. Imrati Devi’s ‘item’ mentioned, sorry from Kamalnath after criticismABP Majha
  2. The item was the number on the list, not the woman; Kamal Nath’s explanationLoksatta
  3. … So the item mentioned by the BJP’s female candidate is Kamal Nath’s practiceLokmat
  4. … so BJP’s female candidate was mentioned as an ‘item’, Kamal Nath has now done it. so i called bjp candidate imarti devi item kamal nath | policenama.comPolicenama
  5. Kamal Nath apologizes for ‘that’ statement, saysLoksatta
  6. See full coverage on Google News


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