Eknath Khadse had spoken about me in very obscene language, Anjali Damania’s retort Mumbai


‘Khadse is a leader with a murderous disposition. They have persecuted me. ‘

Mumbai, October 22 : ‘Eknath Khadse had lied in a press conference in Jalgaon. Khadse had spoken against me in a very derogatory manner, go wherever you want, but I will not leave you ‘, said social activist Anjali Damania.

Eknath Khadse had alleged that Anjali Damania had filed a case of molestation against me. But now social activist Anjali Damania has called a press conference and refuted all the allegations.

I have nothing to do with the politics of Eknath Khadse, Devendra Fadnavis, BJP or NCP. Khadse is a murderous leader. “They have tortured me so much,” he said.

An obscene statement was made about me at a birthday party on September 3. His videos and audio came to me. I took this video of him to the Wakola police station. At the time, the police had filed a case under Section 501. He had spoken at a very low level, Damania had revealed.

Devendra Fadnavis only wanted to do politics of convenience. Damania also criticized Fadnavis, saying that this kind of politics was always done about social workers.

“When I asked Fadnavis about the false allegation, he said it was because Damania was making a fuss,” Khadse said. I would like to ask Fadnavis, if Khadse had made such a statement about Amrita Fadnavis, would you have said so? This question was also asked by Damania.

The case against Khadse is not over yet. “I will not leave you if he makes any statement about me in any future press conference,” he said.

Published by:sachin Salve

First published:October 22, 2020 5:03 PM IS



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