Donald Trump’s victory in America and prediction of ending the world with Asteroids



  • Donald Trump’s victory predicted in US presidential election
  • TV Pandit Pat Robertson claims people appeal to vote
  • Said, after five years the asteroid will hit the earth, life will end

America’s famous TV pundit Pat Robertson has predicted not only the presidential election next month but also the end of the world after five years. Robertson says Republican Candidate Donald Trump will win the election on November 3. Not only this, he says that after five years an asteroid will hit the earth and life on earth will end.

‘… people go to vote’
90-year-old Pat said that Trump is about to win the election and there is no doubt about it, but people should still go out of the house and vote. Their claim is different from the yet-to-be-published Opinion poll, in which Democrat candidate Joe Biden appears to be leading the way. Pat has even said that there will be violence after the election. Not only this, he says that Trump will be tried twice to kill.

This is how the world will end
Pat did not stop here. He said that there will be peace on earth for the next five years and after that an asteroid will hit the earth and the world will end. He said that humans will not destroy the earth from any nuclear war. Pat has spoken of ending the world thrice before.

Rules of last debate

At the same time, the new rules have been announced by the Commission, which conducts the debate before the final debate on October 22 among the candidates for the presidential post in the US. Under these, the microphone speakers of rival speakers will be turned off for two minutes so that the candidate going to present his side can start his talk in a smooth manner.


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