donald trump china coronavirus: corona virus infection is ‘a boon of god’ for me: donald trump – us president donald trump says china will have to pay a big price for coronavirus epidemic



  • Trump released a video message blaming China for the epidemic
  • He said that what China has done in the world, it will have to pay a big price
  • He said that corona virus infection is ‘a boon of God’ for him.

US President Donald Trump, who is fighting the Corona virus, issued a video message on Wednesday blaming China for the epidemic. Trump said that what China has done in the world will have to pay a big price. He said that corona virus infection is ‘a boon of God’ for him as it made him aware of medicines to cure the disease.

The US President has issued a video message for the first time since his return from Walter Reed Hospital on Monday evening. Trump strongly praised the treatment given at the hospital and promised that Corona medicines would be given free of charge to American citizens. Let us know that health experts have been worried since the arrival of White President from the US President Donald Trump’s Walter Reed Hospital. Trump’s Physician Dr. Sean Conley says that Trump met all the standards of discharge.

‘Disease accelerates in second week of infection’
Dr. Conley also told that President Trump had a comfortable first night after returning to the White House. However, frontline doctors believe that in the case of corona patients, it is too early to assume that they are recovering. Several research has revealed that the disease progresses rapidly in the second week of infection. Robert Walkter, head of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said that there are many possibilities from here. He said that at this time the trump should remain 50 feet away from the ICU, not as far as the helicopter ride.

Concern over treatment of donald trump

A major cause for concern of experts is the information related to the treatment of trumps. In fact, Conley himself previously stated that Trump was given oxygen but later tried to show that the president’s condition was not so bad, while on Sunday he said that Trump was given dexamethasone. It is usually given only to patients who have trouble breathing.


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