Direndra Singh arrested the main accused in the Ballia firing


Dhirendra Pratap Singh, the main accused in the Ballia pill case, has been arrested by UP STF near Janeshwar Park in Lucknow on Sunday. Dhirendra is accused of firing during the quota allocation. More than 12 teams of police were searching for him. At the same time, the police arrested three more accused on Saturday.

BJP MLA Surendra Singh has been summoned to Lucknow for making a statement in favor of accused Dhirendra. UP BJP President Swatantra Dev Singh can answer questions from them.

Let us tell you that for the allocation of two shops of Gram Sabha Durjanpur and Hanumanganj in Revati area of ​​Ballia district, an open meeting was organized in the panchayat building on Thursday afternoon. SDM Baria Suresh Pal, CO Baria Chandrakesh Singh, BDO Baria Gajendra Pratap Singh as well as the police force of Revathi police station were present in the meeting. During the meeting, the shop of Durjanpur was not agreed. Later, when the decision was made to vote, a ruckus ensued.

According to eyewitnesses, the officials adjourned the meeting as soon as there was a ruckus and started leaving. However, the police was also present on the occasion. After the meeting was adjourned, the two sides started fighting. During the fight, former army soldier Dhirendra Pratap Singh opened fire, injuring another person Jayaprakash alias Gama Pal (46) resident Durjanpur. It is being told that Jaiprakash had four bullets.

75-75 thousand reward on the accused

The reward was announced by the police against the absconding accused of the Durjanpur case. Within three days, the police have arrested the five accused.

After the incident on Thursday, Revathi police has filed a case against eight named and 25 unknown on the Tahrir of Chandra Pal, brother of deceased Jayaprakash. Late Friday, DIG Azamgarh Subhash Chandra Dubey has announced a reward of Rs 50-50 thousand on the absconding accused and SP Devendra Nath Rs 25-25 thousand. Police say that three more accused were apprehended after their names surfaced in the investigation.


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