Dhanashri Kadgaonkar Pregnant: Actress Dhanashri Kadgaonkar shared a special video ‘Good News’; Mom soon!


Dhanashri Kadgaonkar pregnant. Photo Credits: Instagram

Dhanashri Kadgaonkar, the famous actress of ‘Nandita Vahini’ from the series ‘Tujyaat Jiv Rangala’ on Marathi television, has given sweet news to the fans. Dhanashree will be a mother soon. Yesterday (October 10), Dhanashree shared the sweet news that she is pregnant through a special video. Meanwhile, after this video of Dhanashree’s ‘Good News’, good wishes have started raining down on her.

Dhanashree and her husband Durvesh Deshmukh have shot a special video in Gavaran Andaja. Dhanashree has shared the video on Instagram. Yesterday (October 10) was Durvesh’s birthday. Justifying his birthday, Dhanashree has shared her sweet news with the fans. Kareena Kapoor Is Pregnant Again! Kareena Kapoor to be mother for second time; ‘Good Newwz’ of new guest arrival given through joint statement with Saif Ali Khan!

Instagram post by Dhanashree Kadgaonkar

Dhanashree Kadgaonkar is currently away from shooting the corona virus against the backdrop of the global health crisis. Zee was a contestant on ‘Youth Dancing Queen’ on Youth. However, this event was not resumed after the lockdown. Meanwhile, Dhanashree told the Times of India, “Currently, Kovid 19 is far from shooting in the background. She said that she had received offers for many events but decided to stay away as it was not safe to shoot at the moment. Meanwhile, she has said that she enjoys reading books and listening to songs as she is a workaholic and has to stay at home.


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