Devendra Fadnavis Wrote Letter To Cm Uddhav Thackeray For Increase Covid 19 Test


Mumbai : If you want to control the corona, focus on the tests, but in reality, the number of tests in the state is 92 thousand per day, now it is 75 thousand tests per day. In Mumbai too, the infection rate has increased by 2 per cent. Therefore, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Devendra Fadnavis has sent another letter to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to focus on the tests.

In the letter, Devendra Fadnavis says that the intention to increase the capacity of tests in the state to 1.5 lakh was expressed by the Chief Minister himself in a video conference meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In reality, however, the number of tests is steadily declining. This may make it possible to reduce the number of patients. However, the Corona cannot be brought under control and the blow will fall on the economy. In the fortnight from September 1 to 15, 12,70,131 tests were conducted in Maharashtra. It averages 84,675 trials per day. Between September 16 and 30, 13,76,145 tests were conducted in Maharashtra, averaging 91,743 tests per day. However, only 11,29,446 tests were conducted between October 1 and 15, averaging 75,296 tests per day. This makes it clear that the number of tests has been significantly reduced.

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Even in Mumbai, the number of positive patients is steadily increasing, but the tests are not being given the attention it deserves. A total of 1,74,138 tests were conducted in Mumbai during the fortnight from September 1 to 15, out of which 27,791 patients were found. The infection rate was 15.95 percent. Between September 16 and 30, 1,79,757 tests were performed and 31,672 patients were diagnosed. The infection rate reached 17.61 percent. In the fortnight from October 1 to 15, 31,453 patients were found again from 1,80,848 tests. The infection rate was 17.39 percent. This means that the rate of infection in Mumbai is constantly increasing. There were 572 deaths in Mumbai between September 1 and 15, 699 between September 16 and 30 and 672 between October 1 and 15. This also meant an increase in the number of deaths. “The big question is why the government is not ready to focus on tests, even though the infection rate in Mumbai has risen by almost 2 per cent,” Fadnavis said in the letter.

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Even at the national level, the death toll in Maharashtra is very serious. While there are 97.6 deaths per million in the country, the same number is 333 deaths per million in Maharashtra. Is almost 4 times the national average. Maharashtra accounts for 9% of the country’s population. However, Maharashtra accounts for 41 per cent of the total coronabilis in the country. The proportion of corona patients in India is 22 per cent in Maharashtra. However, Maharashtra is consistently lagging behind the national level tests. In Maharashtra, if the situation in Mumbai is to return to normal soon, the emphasis will be on tests. As the corona prevalence continues to rise, the economy is facing a number of challenges in opening up. Devendra Fadnavis has requested that every section of the society should focus on tests even now when they are in dire financial straits.


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