Devendra Fadnavis Attack Eknath Khadse – Eknath Khadse called me a ‘villain’: Devendra Fadnavis’s reply


Aurangabad: It is unfortunate that Eknath Khadse has left the party. When someone leaves the party, they have to decide who is the villain. They tried to do it to me, ‘said Devendra Fadnavis. He was speaking at a press conference on the occasion of an inspection tour of the flood-hit areas.

After Eknath Khadse resigned from all BJP posts, he had castigated Fadnavis. I am not angry with BJP even today, but I was harassed by Fadnavis, I am angry with them. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. Fadnavis also responded to Khadse’s allegations by saying, “If he had any problems with me, he should have complained to his superiors.”

The decision to leave the party, fed up with the persecution of Fadnavis; Khadse’s direct allegation

‘What Eknath Khadse is talking about me today is half true. So I will respond only when the right time comes. Whether it is a small worker or a big leader, after leaving the party, the party suffers a little loss. However, the BJP is a big party. Jalgaon district is a BJP district. The BJP is already strong there, so the people have faith in the BJP, ‘he said.

Khadse’s goodbye to BJP; NCP remembers Ajit Pawar’s word ‘that’

No one will leave the BJP

After the resignation of Eknath Khadse, it is said that some BJP MLAs are still on the path of NCP. Also, Arjun Khotkar had offered Pankaja Munde to join Shiv Sena. Devendra Fadnavis has also commented on this. ‘No BJP leader will join NCP. What will those who have no truth in themselves offer? Who asks them in the party? ‘ They have set such a toll.

Why is it time to leave the party due to the expansion of BJP in the state?


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