Delhi AIIMS director randeep guleria says that like swine flu coronavirus will too increase rapidly during winters


New Delhi Swine flu infection is also expected to increase due to changes in weather and pollution. In such a situation, simultaneous infection of swine flu and corona can occur. As such, the symptoms of flu and corona are largely the same. There have already been some cases of corona infection with dengue. Being told that Swine flu may also increase people’s discomfort during the next few months amid Corona virus infection across the country, including Delhi-NCR, as both winter infections spread rapidly. Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Randeep Guleria, Delhi AIIMS Director, says that like corona virus infection, swine flu spreads rapidly in winter. Similarly, Corona virus in winter will also spread. There is also evidence that air pollution will also help to a great extent in the spread of Kovid-19. It has been studied a few months back in Italy and China.

At the same time, in view of this, the Delhi Government’s Directorate General of Health has warned on Monday that with Corona, these days there can be infection of many diseases including flu, dengue, chikungunya, malaria, scrub typhus. Therefore, guidelines have been issued for rescue, investigation and treatment.

In fact, the Union Health Ministry on October 13 issued guidelines regarding the infection of other diseases with corona, which the Directorate General of Health Services has asked all hospitals and district administration to implement. The risk of flu infection in winter season is high. Flu cases are also coming in hospitals. The vaccine is available to prevent the flu. Therefore, all health workers and people at risk have been instructed to get the flu vaccine. Apart from health workers, the elderly, pregnant women, patients suffering from chronic diseases including diabetes, asthma, have been advised to get the flu vaccine. Because, the disease can be serious if corona infection with the flu. Flu vaccine has to be taken every year.

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