Death toll from Corona crosses six thousand, infection rate is 6.68 percent


State Bureau, New Delhi: As the level of pollution in the capital increases, the infection rate of Corona is also increasing. On Sunday, 3299 new cases were reported, despite fewer samples being investigated than normal days. The transition rate increased from 5.85 percent to 6.68 percent. 2763 patients were cured in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 28 patients died. Because of this, the total number of people who died of corona in Delhi has exceeded six thousand.

According to the Health Department report, a total of three lakh 31 thousand 17 cases of corona have been reported so far in Delhi. Out of which three lakh one thousand 716 patients have been cured. In this way, the recovery rate of patients is currently 91.14 percent. At the same time, the number of dead has reached 6009. The number of active patients has also increased by 408 as Corona cases have increased. Due to this the total number of active patients has increased to 23,292. Of these, 5034 patients are admitted in hospitals. At the same time, there are 910 patients in Kovid Care Center and 307 patients in Kovid Health Center. The number of patients treated at home isolation is 13,742. Box

Sampling facility at all centers for RTPCR investigation

Samples are being taken for RTPCR investigation at all 310 Corona Testing Centers. Only antigen testing is done at these centers. The report of which is received within half an hour. In this case, samples taken for RTPCR examination are sent to the lab. The RTPCR test was repeated only after the first symptomatic patients had reported the antigen test negative. Because of this the RTPCR investigation was decreasing. Several people were receiving inaccurate reports in the antigen investigation. Because of this, RTPCR was raising the demand for investigation. The High Court had also directed to extend the RTPCR investigation. In view of this, the RTPCR investigation has been extended for the last few days. At present, 77 laboratories in Delhi have RTPCR test facility. Which includes 26 government and 51 private labs. Box

RTPCR investigation increased by 50-55 percent

A total of 39 lakh 90 thousand 438 samples have been investigated so far. In the last 24 hours, 49,414 samples were investigated. Out of which, RTPCR of 14,506 samples and antigen test of 34,908 samples were tested. On September 16, 4473 corona cases were reported in Delhi. Till date, 62,593 samples were examined in a single day. Out of which 11,275 samples were tested RTPCR. During that time, an average of 10,000 samples were being tested by RTPCR. RTPCR investigation of about 15,500 samples is now being conducted. In this way the RTPCR investigation has increased by 50 to 55 percent.

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