dakkhancha raja jotiba controversy: ‘Deccan king jotiba’ series should be stopped; The demands of the priests – dakkhancha raja jotiba tv serial should be stopped the demands of the priests protest in kolhapur


M. Ta. Representative, Kolhapur

Priests on Mount Jyotiba staged a protest in front of the temple demanding an immediate end to the series, accusing the Deccan king of hurting the feelings of devotees by showing a false history of Jyotiba.

Currently, Mahesh Kothare’s Kothare Production’s series ‘Deccan King Jotiba’ is being aired on a channel. Information will be sought from the priest prior to the launch of this series. Producer Mahesh Kothare had promised the priests not to be misinformed, but the priests in the Gurav community have alleged that there are many misconceptions in the series that is currently being shown.

On behalf of Gurav Samaj, Sarpanch Radhatai Bune was asked to take action against Kothare Productions for hurting their feelings by showing false information and spreading false information. Deputy Panch Shivajirao Sangale said that the series has been reported to the District Collector and a case has been registered against him and false history will not be tolerated.

Gram Panchayat member Sunil Nawale warned that if he showed wrong information in the series, he would not tolerate it and if it happened then no one would be spared. Social activist Ananda Lade said that the history of Jyotiba Deva is not according to the Kedar Vijay Granth but it has been denigrated.

Navnath Lade, chairman of Jyotiba Utkarsh Samiti, said the series should be on a mythical level. Many have accused the series of being misleading. The series also showed a number of misconceptions and demanded that the series be stopped. The shooting of this series is going on in Kolhapur and a big set has been set up in Chitranagari for this.


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