CPI Leader Kanhaiya Kumar attacks BJP says Nitish Kumar is spare for them appreciates RJD Tejashwi Yadav: Bihar Elections 2020


The voting for the first phase of Bihar Assembly elections is now just four days. In such a situation, all parties are busy campaigning vigorously. The left parties contesting the election by joining the grand alliance are also hoping to capture a large number of seats in the state this time. In such a situation, Kanhaiya Kumar, a former student leader of JNU and the current face of CPI in Bihar, has also started campaigning. Just before the election, Kanhaiya has said tightly that even if the whole world also joins BJP, they will not join BJP.

Actually, Kanhaiya said a few days ago in a sarcastic manner that he will join BJP. Explaining this during a TV interview, Kanhaiya said that he had said this at the rally only as a taunt, as the BJP is a party that makes the misdemeanor like a washing machine virtuous. Kanhaiya said that even if all the people join BJP, I will not join BJP.

Stepney leader told Nitish Kumar: Kanhaiya Kumar also targeted Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar along with the BJP. He said that CM Nitish has come out of Samajwadi School. Earlier BJP was a stepney for him, but now BJP has made Nitish a stepney. Kanhaiya, however, made it clear that he never spoke unrestrainedly against Nitish.

Kanhaiya said on comparison with Tejashwi – I am nothing ahead of him: Kanhaiya Kumar, when compared to his and RJD chief Tejashwi Yadav, said that this debate is unnecessary. The leader with whom I am being compared cannot be compared. His party has 80 MLAs. He is the Leader of the Opposition and I am not even a Councilor. His parents were the chief ministers. My mother is a worker at Anganwadi.

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