Covid-19 Vaccine, Dr Reddys Gets DCGI Approval For Sputnik V Trial In India


Covid-19 vaccine: After a refusal, finally the Russian Corona Vaccine Sputnik Five has been allowed to be tried in India. The Drug Controller of India has approved Dr. Reddy’s Lab for the second and third phase trials.

Let me tell you that there has been a lot of controversy worldwide about this vaccine of Russia, questions have been raised about its testing. DCGI i.e. Drug Controller of India also initially questioned the proposal of Dr. Reddy’s Lab.

DCGI said that in Russia it has been tested on a very small population, so it will not be safe to approve it. But now the last car Trier of its face three has been approved, after registration in India it will be tested on 40,000 volunteers.

In September, Dr. Reddy’s Lab and Russia’s RDIF partnered with the trial of Sputnik Five in India. But DCDI did not approve for this. Explain that under the agreement between the two countries, India will get one crore doses of vaccine.

GV Prasad, Chairman and Managing Director of Dr. Reddy’s Lab said, “We accept the scientific rigor and guidance of DCGI throughout the process. We get trial approval is a big step. We are committed to bringing a safe and effective vaccine to combat the epidemic. “

Let us know that on August 11, Russia announced to make the world’s first corona vaccine. This announcement was made by President Vladimir Putin himself. He also said that a pair of vaccines has also been given to my daughter. Antibodies are made inside for that.


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