COVID-19 India: Now young people are becoming easy victims of corona, patients under 40 increase by 34%. mumbai – news in hindi


Corona infection is happening to the youth in India.

Coronavirus Case in India: In many hospitals in Mumbai (Mumbai), about 30 per cent of the total corona cases in the ICU are young. His age is less than 40 years.

Mumbai. There is no decrease in the speed of Coronavirus in the country. Meanwhile, there are a large number of such youth in the country, who believe that there is very little chance of youth getting coronavirus infection (COvid 19 in India). Although the figures are telling something else. If you look at the statistics, in many hospitals in Mumbai, about 30 percent of the total corona cases in the ICU are young. His age is less than 40 years. In September, cases of corona virus infection among youth increased by 34 percent. This information has come from the top doctors of Mumbai.

According to hospitals, there is a trend among the youth that even if they show signs of corona infection, they do it on their own instead of contacting the doctor or hospital. They do not even test Kovid and they run to the hospital when the problem increases. According to doctors in Mumbai, 31.15 percent of the total corona patients are young. Their share is about 4.76 percent of the total people who died due to Kovid 19.

According to the data, 25 per cent of the patients in the large Kovid 19 center in Mumbai operated by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation are under 40 years of age. This number is 30 percent in Bombay Hospital. At Fortis Hospital, this figure is 16 percent.

According to Dr. Rajesh Dera of the large Kovid 19 Center, operated by the Brihanmumbai Metropolitan Municipality in Mumbai, it is now seen that the young patients are doing medicine at home instead of coming to the doctors. They are admitted in the hospital only when the condition worsens. Most of them are infected with mild or moderate categories when doctors examine them.


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