Coronavirus Vaccine: Shivraj Singh Chauhan said before MP byelection- Covid 19 vaccine will be given to every poor in the state for free – Shivraj Singh Chauhan said before MP by-election


Before the Madhya Pradesh assembly by-election, Shivraj Singh Chauhan announced on Thursday that the state government would provide the corona virus vaccine free of cost to every poor resident of the state. “In the Bihar elections, the BJP has announced that the corona virus vaccine will be provided free of cost to the poor,” Chauhan said in a public meeting in support of BJP candidate Munnalal Goyal in Gwalior East assembly constituency. The BJP government will also give this vaccine to the poor of Madhya Pradesh for free.

At the same time, he tweeted shortly after this, “Ever since the trial of Kovid-19 vaccine started in the country, a discussion also started in the poor section of the country -” Will we be able to bear these expenses? ” Today I want to make it clear, every poor people in Madhya Pradesh will get free vaccine. We will win this battle. ”In Madhya Pradesh, a total of 1,64,341 people have been found infected with corona virus so far, of which 2,842 patients have died and 1,49,353 patients have gone home.

Explain that the BJP has promised in the Bihar elections that if its government is formed in the state, then the corona vaccine will be given to the public for free. After this promise, an uproar ensued. All parties including RJD, Congress attacked BJP. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that the Indian government has announced its strategy for people’s access to the corona virus vaccine. Please resort to state-wise election programs to know when you will get it along with a box of other fake promises.

At the same time, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami has also assured that free vaccination facility will be made available to all sections of the state as soon as possible after the vaccine of Kovid-19 is available. Palaniswamy said, “I would like to announce that as soon as the vaccine develops (and is available to the states) all the people of Tamil Nadu will be vaccinated and the government will bear the cost.”


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