Coronavirus It Is Not Right To Blame Bats For The Covid 19 Epidemic Outbreak – Coronavirus: Is it right to blame bats for the corona epidemic? Learn special things about it


Lifestyle Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi, Updated Sun, 25 Oct 2020 08:07 PM IST

Doctor Matthew Borgarell first took permission from the elders of the village to go to the holy cave and then also took gifts to appease the spirits. He wore masks and three-layer gloves and went down the rope staircase in the darkness of the cave. There was a pungent smell of bats everywhere. The bats’ feces and urine lay there like a layer on the floor. Sometimes a bat is flying and passing through an armpit.

In this part of Zimbabwe, people see bats as a winged dragon, a flying mouse, or as a symbol of evil. Like any other part of the world, here too, there are many misconceptions about this flying mammal, but for the ecologist Doctor Matthew, she is a beautiful and wonderful creature. Doctor Matthew says, ‘They are attractive. People are afraid of what they are not aware of. ‘


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