coronavirus in dharavi: Dharavi: Dharavi pattern is now appreciated by the World Bank; Reported ‘this’ special observation – world bank praises efforts to control covid 19 spread in mumbais dharavi


Mumbai: Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s ‘Dharavi Pattern’ has now been taken up directly by the World Bank. The World Bank has hailed the success of the Dharavi pattern as a precautionary measure, precautionary measures as well as citizen participation and persistent efforts by the municipality to prevent corona. (World Bank praises Dharavi Pattern to Control Coronavirus)

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The first case of corona infection was detected in Mumbai on March 11. Three weeks later, in April, the first corona patient was found in the Baliga Nagar area of ​​Dharavi. This was followed by a large number of patients by June. As Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia, there were fears that if the infection continued to spread there, it would spread to Mumbai. Therefore, the state government, the municipality with the help of its health system, public participation and private medical services started measures in Dharavi.

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The World Bank, in its biennial report ‘Poverty and Shared Prosperity’, observed that the number of coronary heart disease patients in Dharavi fell sharply in July 2020 due to citizen screening, timely diagnosis and prompt treatment. The bank said it was a big surprise that Corona had been in control for the past three months in Dharavi, a densely populated area of ​​2.5 lakh people.

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The Dharavi pattern has previously been praised by the World Health Organization, the Washington Post, which has advised other countries to fight against corona like Dharavi. The Philippine government is currently conducting a successful infectious drive in the slums of Dharavi. The number of corona patients in Mumbai has been on the rise again since last month. However, the number of patients in Dharavi is still under control. In this regard, the World Bank has applauded the municipality.

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