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Highlights240 new patients: 377 discharges in a day Patient growth slowed

Kolhapur: The number of corona patients in the district is declining. In the last 24 hours, more patients have returned home after treatment than new patients. As a result, 240 new patients were added during the day and 377 patients were discharged. The total number of those discharged was 35,603. At present 8503 patients are undergoing treatment.

In the twenty-four hours on Sunday, one new case was registered in Ajra, Shahuwadi taluka, two each in Shirol, three in Radhanagari, four in Panhala and six in Gadhinglaj.

14 new cases have been registered in Bhudargad, 12 in Chandgad, 22 in Hatkanangle, 10 in Kagal, 46 in Karveer and 72 in Kolhapur. The number of patients, which has increased rapidly in the last three months, has come down just as fast in the last fortnight. As a result, the pace of new patient growth has slowed completely. The death toll has risen to 1489 with ten deaths in a single day.

New tests dropped …

Of the 700 RTPCR test reports received during the day, 101 were positive and 594 were negative. Out of 257 antigen tests, 32 were positive. 107 positive reports were received from private hospitals.

Ten deaths; Nirank in Kolhapur city

In the last 24 hours, no coroner has been killed in Kolhapur. Five men and five women died in the district. These include Rajapurwadi (Tal. Shirol), Ekta Nagar (Tal. Kagal), Haldi (Tal. Kagal), Valivade (Tal. Karveer), Sambhapur (Tal. Hatkanangle), Ichalkaranji, Nej, Chawre (Tal. Hatkanangle), Kavalkatti (Tal. Hatkanangle). Chandgad), Panhala (Tal. Panhala).

  • New patient growth – 240 (Total number of patients: 45595)
  • Day Discharge – 377 (Total Discharge: 35603)
  • Deaths in a day – 10 (Total deaths: 1489)
  • At present treatment is started – 8503

Taluka wise number …

Ajra – 799, Bhudargad – 1139, Chandgad – 1065, Gadhinglaj – 1297, Gaganbawda – 130, Hatkanangle – 4993, Kagal – 1566, Karveer – 5303, Panhala – 1755, Radhanagari – 1182, Shahuwadi – 1216, Shirol – 2353 7004, Kolhapur city – 13804, other districts / states – 1989 (total number of patients – 45595, deaths – 1489)

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