Corona: India’s new paper testing technology can bring major changes


  • Soutika Biswas and Kritika Pathi
  • BBC correspondent

A team of scientists in India has developed an inexpensive paper-based test for testing coronaviruses that can produce immediate results like pregnancy tests.

This test has been named ‘Feluda’ after the famous fictional detective. This test is based on the gene editing technology named ‘Crisper’.

Scientists claim that the results of this test come within an hour and its price is only 500 rupees. This may become the world’s first paper-based technique for testing Kovid-19. The company will produce Feluda’s kit.

Testing done on 2000 samples

Vijay Raghavan, Professor Scientific Adviser to the Government of India Told the BBC, “It is easy, reliable and a large scale technology.”


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