Congress President sonia gandhi attacks on modi government says now very tough time for democracy



  • Thoughtful attack on constitution and democratic traditions – Sonia Gandhi
  • Indian democracy is going through its most difficult phase- Sonia Gandhi
  • The Constitution and democratic traditions are being thoughtfully attacked – Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi
Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Sunday targeted the central government. Sonia Gandhi On Farm Bill targeted the government over three agricultural laws, handling the Kovid-19 epidemic, the state of the economy and alleged atrocities against Dalits, claiming that Indian democracy was going through its most difficult phase is. Sonia Gandhi said that the voice of the downtrodden is being suppressed, is this new religion?

Sonia Gandhi accused the government
Sonia recently accused the three government-enforced agricultural laws as ‘anti-black agricultural laws’ and alleged that there was a conspiracy to end the gains earned from the ‘Green Revolution’. Presiding over the meeting of Congress general secretaries and state in-charge, Sonia Gandhi alleged that there is a government in the country that wants to hand over the rights of citizens of the country to a handful of capitalists.

First meeting after change in organization
After a major organizational reshuffle in the Congress last month, Sonia Gandhi chaired the meeting of the General Secretaries and State In-Charges for the first time. Surrounding the government on the recently passed agricultural laws, the Congress President said that the BJP-led government has attacked the very foundation of India’s flexible agro-based economy with these laws.

Government accused of conspiracy
Gandhi said, ‘A conspiracy has been hatched to end the gains from the Green Revolution. The livelihood of crores of agricultural laborers, share-croppers, tenants, small and marginal farmers, small shopkeepers has been attacked. It is our duty to jointly thwart this conspiracy. President Ram Nath Kovind recently approved all three laws – Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Price Assurance and Agricultural Services Agreement Act 2020, Farmers Product Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Simplification) Act 2020 and Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2020. .

Attack on democracy- Gandhi
Gandhi claimed that the Constitution and democratic traditions were being deliberately attacked. In his opening address at the meeting, he said that in the corona virus epidemic, not only the workers were forced to stumble, but at the same time the country was ‘thrown into the fire of the epidemic’. Gandhi said, “We saw the biggest migration of crores of migrant workers so far due to lack of planning and the government remained silent on their plight.”


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