Companies Hiring Private Investigators To Spy On Staff Working From Home To Check They Are Lying Or Working – companies spying on employees doing work from home, know the reason behind it


Private investigators are being hired by companies to spy on workers from home (working from home) due to the corona virus epidemic. Their job is to check if the employee is not resting at home by making an excuse for Corona. Britain’s Daily Mail revealed this.

Due to the epidemic, companies across the world have provided work from home for their employees. At the same time, there are some companies which have started calling their employees once again in offices. But, some people are still not going to office due to Kovid-19.

Accountancy and law firms in the UK are among those using private investigators. They have put these investigators behind their employees. They are investigating whether the employees are resting at home by making an excuse of Kovid-19.

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A private investigator based in Manchester said that this is an act which we did not get before the lockdown. However, now the demand for this work has increased. It is becoming quite prevalent. He told that companies with our help check that the employee is not going out of the house while working.

At the same time, a source said that some companies feel that employees should keep themselves apart during the Corona period, so it is our responsibility to check whether the employee remains in isolation or not.

He told that many companies which are getting people working from home, are using technology to monitor the productivity of the employees. If you find someone who was involved in a mob, such employees are placed in the risk category.

The British government has halted efforts to reopen offices following the recent increase in Kovid-19 infections. The Confederation of British Industry said the government’s decision was a setback, which would have a devastating effect on the city and city centers.


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