CM Nitish Kumar bluntly – I want to remove alcohol businesses


Chief Minister Nitish Kumar addressing the election meeting in Lakhisarai.

Bihar Assembly Elections 2020: Despite full prohibition, liquor smuggling and wild increase in its buying and selling has given the opposition an opportunity to attack the government.

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Patna. In the manifesto released for the Bihar Assembly Election, ever since the Congress (Congress) has spoken about the review of prohibition, politics has been hot on it. Recently, Tejashwi Yadav and Chirag Paswan have attacked CM Nitish many times over this. Lok Janshakti Party national president Chirag Paswan said in an election meeting on Friday that why Nitish Kumar could not implement the prohibition law strictly. Today, situations have been created that Bihari is forced into smuggling liquor due to lack of employment. Now, CM Nitish Kumar has given a direct answer to this, saying that the liquor mafia and the people who are complicit with him are upset by the Bihar government’s decision to ban liquor and in any case they are ousted from power. Want to

Addressing an election meeting in Lakhisarai, CM Nitish Kumar said that an atmosphere is being created in Bihar against prohibition of liquor. Those who do this are actually businessmen themselves and they are the only ones who are trying to create an atmosphere against this law. The liquor mafia wants them to be removed from power somehow. He said that five years ago and even before that women used to demand liquor ban. We promised that we will introduce prohibition. He did it when he came in the government. Now the drunk mafia wants to remove them from power.

Explain that the bill brought on liquor ban in Bihar was passed unanimously by the ruling and opposition and presented a unique example of accountability to the people of the state in constitutional terms. Despite the total prohibition of liquor, the smuggling of liquor and the tremendous increase in its buying and selling has given the opposition an opportunity to attack the government. However, now JDU has retaliated by this. JDU leader Rajiv Ranjan said that liquor ban is a historic decision and said that Chirag Paswan is getting misled. BJP MP Ravikishan said that elections and politics do not mean that Chirag should speak so cheaply. I have known Bihar for 20 years. Bihar was ruined because of alcohol. Nitish Kumar drove Bihar out of ruin. Chirag should apologize to Nitish Kumar.


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