China 3 year old Boy diagnosed with Bubonic plague Black Death


Menghi County: The world has not yet been able to deal with the corona virus, yet another epidemic has knocked in China. In China, a three-year-old child has been found infected with the bubonic plague. The bubonic plague, which has wreaked havoc as the ‘Black Death’, has returned to China.

Many people died in 2009 due to the bubonic plague that had wreaked havoc as ‘Black Death’. Now a three-year-old child has been found infected in Menghai County in southwest China. Apart from this, no infection has been found in the child. However, his condition is said to be stable now. Now after the outbreak of China Coronavirus, efforts have been started to stop another epidemic.

Screening after finding three dead mice
According to a report, a three-year-old child was diagnosed with bubonic plague after a screening. The screening was done after three mice were found dead in a village for no reason. Earlier, the village was sealed in August by authorities in northern Mongolia’s interior Mongolia after the death of a villager from the bubonic plague. In November 2019, four cases of bubonic plague were reported in Inner Mongolia.

What is plague?
Actually, plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. Is a zoonotic bacterium commonly found in small mammals and their fleas. Bubonic plague can occur when a person is bitten by an infection. Sometimes the bubonic plague turns into a pneumonic plague upon reaching the lung (Lungs Infection). If
If it is detected in the beginning and common antibiotics are given, then it can prove effective to cure the plague. Bubonic plague is a very dangerous disease which becomes a pneumonic later on due to carelessness or late detection.

Possibility of transition from person to person
It can also infect the infected person with the breath or sneeze like coronavirus, if the bacteria or virus reaches through micro particles through the breath. There are two levels of infection.

1. Bubonic plague
Bubonic is the most common form of plague globally and is caused by an infected flea bite. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the probability of human transmission of bubonic plague is extremely low. It can spread to the lungs. When it infects the lungs, it becomes a fatal mnemonic plague.

2. Mnemonic Plague
This is the deadliest level of plague. Incubation can be shortened within 24 hours. Any person suffering from mnemonic plague can also infect other persons through droplets. If you do not get treatment, it is fatal. If the infection is detected within 24 hours, then the chances of recovery are very good.

Symptoms of bubonic plague
Bubonic plague symptoms include fever, chills, head and body pain and weakness, vomiting and nausea. Inflammation also occurs on the lymph nodes.

Prevention and treatment
Avoid touching dead animals to prevent bubonic plague. Plague can be treated with antibiotics. Recovery is possible if treatment starts early. Avoid visiting plague-prone areas. Those people who have symptoms of this should get treatment immediately. Currently, it is most spread in Congo, Madagascar and Peru.

Millions of people have lost their lives
China has overcome the plague on a large scale, but its cases continue to come up there. From 2009 to 2018 there have been 26 cases and 11 deaths. During the fourteenth century it was known as the ‘Black Death’, which in Europe
There were more than 5 crore deaths.



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