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Oops! Why doesn’t this height grow? There are so many youngsters who are not happy with their stature. They just want to lengthen themselves a bit. As it is, the market and the internet are full of measures to increase stature. But here you will also find such articles, which explain that the way the short height is a problem, the tall height also has its own issues. Well, there is a boy from China who is just 14 years old. But his height is 7.3 feet, brother. Yes, longer than ‘The Great Khali’ (7.1 feet). It is considered to be the most ‘Tolest Mail Teenager’ in the world!

On October 18, 14 years old…

14-year-old Ren Keyu hails from the city of Leshan in the southwestern province of Sichuan. On 18 October, he celebrated his 14th birthday. During this time, when his height was measured, he was 2 feet more than the other children. Ren’s height is 7.3 feet. Ren told Chengdu Business Daily that he is a junior high school student. And yes, when he started going to Kinder-Garten he was 1.3 meters in length.

Have undergone four foot surgeries

However, this length is also an issue for Rain’s health. Because of flat legs, his sports career can be difficult. At the same time, Rain also underwent four leg surgeries due to his weight of 126 kg. Now they are not able to cover long distances on foot. The doctor believes that Ren suffers from Gigantism. In this situation, hormones cause an unusually high height.

People make fun of long height

Ren explains that classmates and others make fun of him due to the long height. However, many times they also benefit from this height. Yes, they are so long that they easily reach the street lights on the road. However, it is a big challenge for them to find their size clothes and furniture. Everything has to be made special.

Earlier this record was in his name!

Earlier, America’s Kevin Bradford had the title of Guinness World Record for Toilet Mail Teenager. Kevin was born on 27 October, whose height on 30 April 2015 was measured at 7.1 feet.


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