Breaking – Approval to start gym, gymnasium from Dussehra, announcement by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray


Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said here today that approval is being given to start gymnasiums, fitness centers and gyms in the state from Dussehra in strict compliance with Corona Prevention Rules and Measures. Gymnasiums, fitness centers and gyms are for public health. Therefore, maximum care should be taken to prevent the spread of corona infection in this area. The Chief Minister also directed that the SOP prepared for this should be strictly followed. Chief Minister Thackeray today interacted with representatives of gyms, fitness centers and gyms through a televised system. He was speaking in this discussion.

The delegates also pledged strict adherence to SOP for gynecological, fitness centers and gymnasium corona prevention and health care. However, group exercises such as steam bath, sauna, shower and jhumba, yoga will be completely closed as per the instructions in SOP. Chief Adviser to the Chief Minister Ajoy Mehta, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Ashish Kumar Singh, Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Ashwini Bhide, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Vikas Kharge, Principal Secretary to the Health Department Pradip Vyas, Dr. Shashank Joshi as well as Nikhil Rajpuria of Maharashtra Gym Owners Association, senior journalists Sandeep Acharya, Karan Talreja, Abhimanyu Sable, Mahesh Gaikwad, Hemant Dudhwadkar, Sainath Durge, Rajesh Desai, Yogini Patil were present.

Chief Minister Thackeray said that gyms and gyms are for health only. But care must be taken not to aggravate health problems. Therefore, besides the big cities, the number of gyms in the rural areas of the state is also significant. Therefore, strict adherence to the SOP created while making this decision is essential. It is a business, but as it relates to public health, care must be taken. Now the number of patients is decreasing. But we also have to be wary of examples from Europe. We are relaxing many restrictions. But he said that all parties should make efforts to ensure that this does not lead to gradual indifference.

You have created a large number of facilities for treatment. Now the patient beds are getting empty due to the shortage of patients. Expressing the expectation that it should remain empty, Chief Minister Thackeray said that if the Corona preventive measures are ignored, care must be taken not to suddenly strain the existing facilities. This is because we have already provided a sufficient number of equipment, facilities such as beds, ventilators, ambulances. They can be further enhanced. But it was difficult to raise a good manpower like doctors and nurses. So as soon as it appears that the viral infection is being controlled, we are trying to prevent the infection from spreading. For that, we have created ‘SOP’ for gym, gymnasium, and it needs to be strictly followed. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the gym and gym owners to comply with this SOP. The Chief Minister also said that if the SOP is not strictly followed, strict action will be taken against the culprits. Mehta, Principal Advisor to the Chief Minister, Principal Secretary Vyas, Dr. Joshi participated.

According to SOP, gyms, fitness centers and gyms will be run from Dussehra
Gym, fitness centers and gyms will be started from Dussehra only by following the SOP prepared by the health department, medical experts and operators of gyms, fitness centers and gyms. These rules are framed in detail and precision. It is expected that the members coming for exercise will be fully informed about this ‘SOP’. Admission to exercise school hours, as well as a limited number. The regulations have been prepared in detail for frequent health check-ups of trainers, other managing officers as well as hygiene matters. From entering the gym, there are rules to take care of when exercising. In addition to regular body spacing, hand hygiene and the use of masks, maintain maximum body spacing by area. Sterilize the gym every hour. Keeping gaps in equipment, disinfecting them after use. The gym will have to be completely disinfected every night after the gym closes.


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