Bihar Election 2020 Live News Updates: JDU, RJD-BJP Candidate List 2020, Bihar Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2020 Tejashwi Yadav promises 10 lakh jobs – Bihar Election 2020 Live Updates: Tejashwi promises 10 lakh jobs, Nitish’s sarcasm – Everybody gets a job in government service anywhere, possible?


Bihar Election 2020, JDU, RJD-BJP Candidate List 2020 Live News Update: In Bihar, the ruling JDU national president and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar started his party’s election campaign for the assembly elections on Monday evening. On this occasion, Nitish said that he does not worry about votes, service is our religion, he serves everyone. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, referring to his government’s achievements during the commencement of his party’s election campaign in 11 assembly constituencies of six districts, said that his aim is to work and not to campaign. Service is our religion.

While mentioning the work done by his government in the time of disaster and attacking the previous RJD government of the state, Nitish asked that before the work done by us, did anyone understand the disaster? Was there ever any help for disaster victims? Referring to the development in the last 15 years, Nitish said that today Bihar’s growth rate is in double figures. People’s lifestyle has changed. Poverty has decreased. Per capita income has increased.

He said that people talk in different ways. People ask why there is no big business in Bihar .. So let us tell that we have made a lot of efforts and have made many policies for the future so that our people who go out should get the facility to work here. . Attacking the opposition parties, Nitish said, “Our government has made a provision to give jobs to family members when Dalits are killed, some people were talking about it. Oh brother, it’s a matter of fact, under the provisions of the country’s law, we have made rules.

Discussing the work done by his government for the minority community and attacking the previous RJD government of the state, he said, “People talk, they take votes but what did they do?” We do not worry about votes, service is our religion, we serve everyone. We have said in the beginning that somehow we can tolerate neither crime, corruption nor sectarianism. ”

Taking a dig at the promise of the Chief Ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav giving a one million government job in the state on behalf of Bihar’s main opposition party RJD, “What cabinet did in 15 years (Lalu-Rabri regime)? Had a meeting? Nowadays people are talking about unemployment. Does everyone get a job in government service anywhere in the world? Is this possible? The public should be alert. We are gonna work Some people only drive tongue. Neither has any experience nor interest in working. “

He accused Lalu Prasad of familyism in RJD and said that we consider Bihar as a family. But what is the case of some people, this family is husband, wife, son and daughter. Nitish finally said, “If you think we have worked, then only you vote for us again.” The public is the owner. We worked and if we get a chance, we will continue to do so. Serve the people. “


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