Bihar Chunav result ka West Bengal and Assam elections par asar TMC will gain strength by opposition victory


Bihar assembly election campaign is in full swing. Votes will be cast for the first phase exactly one week later. The RJD and Congress, along with the ruling JDU-BJP alliance, have also given full force in the elections. The two alliances want to defeat each other at any cost. Because, their defeat and victory will also decide the election of many other states along with Bihar.

West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Tamil Nadu have assembly elections next year. The results of the Bihar assembly elections will determine the West Bengal and Assam elections. This is the reason that while the BJP is pouring its full force to win, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is eyeing the RJD-Congress and the Left alliance. At the same time, there is a contest between the Congress-BJP in Assam.

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After a landslide victory in the last Lok Sabha election, the BJP has only managed to reach power in Haryana in some way. The party faced defeat in the Delhi elections. In such a situation, if the BJP loses power in Bihar, it will not be difficult for Mamata Banerjee to retain her government in Bengal. If BJP wins, the Trinamool Congress’s challenge in Bengal will increase.

In West Bengal, Hindi speakers constitute around 13 per cent. Of these, the number of people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is about 8 percent. These voters vote for national parties rather than regional parties. By the time the Congress was strong in Bengal, the Hindi speakers were with the Congress. This vote has been added to the Congress due to the weakening and strengthening of the BJP’s hold.

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This is the reason why Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is trying to make a dent in the Hindi speaking people, especially the Bihari voters. For this, he includes organizing Chhath Puja with Hindi cell in the party. In such a situation, some Trinamool Congress hopes that it will be able to make a dent in the Hindi-speaking voters. But BJP’s victory in Bihar can increase its difficulty.

The Bihar election result will also have an impact on the Assam assembly election. If the JDU-BJP alliance wins in the election, then the party will get an edge in the election. If the Congress-RJD alliance wins, it will be easy for the Congress to surround the BJP government. Because, like Bihar, in Assam, the Congress is preparing to contest elections with the left parties.


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