bihar chunav ki taza khabare Nitish kumar comment on lalu yadav 9 Children who talk about development Tejashwi Yadav reply by tweet said bless your abuses too


A day before the first phase of voting in Bihar, the leaders have intensified the attack on each other. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said without taking any names 8-8, 9-9 children who have gone to develop Bihar. There were many daughters in search of a son. Meaning daughters are not trusted. Will such people do Bihar well? Political experts consider it lax on Lalu Yadav.

On Tuesday morning, Tejashwi responded by tweeting this statement. Tejaswi wrote: Respected Nitish ji, saying anything abusive about me is a blessing for me. Nitish ji is physically and mentally tired, so whatever he wants, he should say anything. I am taking everything from him as a blessing. This time, Bihar has decided that elections will be held only on the issues of bread-employment and development.

RJD clarified on Tejashwi’s statement of Babu Saheb:

RJD Rajya Sabha MP and chief spokesperson Manoj Jha has said that JDU and BJP are in complete disarray with the electoral defeat. He said that in a meeting in Dehri, desperate people are trying to give a casteist twist to the statement made by the Leader of Opposition, Tejashwi Yadav, which he had given to the corrupt Babu and Sahibana mood officers. Jha said that Tejashwi Yadav is commenting on the officials of the corrupt Babu system and Sahibana mood in every meeting. It is said that Nitishji has handed over Bihar into the hands of a few officers who are exploiting the people. He said that the Grand Alliance is going to win 71 percent of the 71 seats in the first phase.


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