Bihar Chunav Assam and West Bengal are worrying BJP during Bihar elections


For the BJP, the results of Bihar assembly elections are very important for the assembly elections of Assam and West Bengal to be held next year. The BJP has its own government in Assam and is preparing for major changes in West Bengal. The biggest mission of the current leadership of the BJP is West Bengal where it won 18 seats in the Lok Sabha elections last year.

In Bihar’s assembly elections, the BJP has worked out a comprehensive strategy with the JDU, but the LJP has influenced its equations. Internally, the LJP’s exit from the NDA and contesting elections and throwing full force against the JDU could have benefited the BJP, but according to BJP insiders, the LJP could also harm the BJP in the report that is coming out.

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LJP can cause harm
The assessment of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is helpful to the BJP in electoral mathematics, is also important. According to sources, in the feedback received by the BJP leadership from the Sangh, many places are supporting the dissatisfied LJP of the BJP. This may affect alliance prospects. LJP itself has not been able to achieve much success. In this feedback it has also been said that the BJP leaders will have to put more emphasis to help their disgruntled workers, so that the situation can be controlled before voting.

JDU is getting better coordination
The disgruntled BJP worker does not want to go with the RJD, but he also wants to show his displeasure with the BJP and JDU candidates, in which the LJP option is open to him. According to the sources, in view of this, BJP leaders are now busy working more closely with JDU. The strategy from joint meetings to vote management is getting more coordinated than before.

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Then Assam and Bengal’s strategy will be spoiled
The BJP is also worried that if the BJP is out of power in Bihar and the opposition parties like RJD and Congress come to power, then the strategy of its upcoming election will be adversely affected. Especially Assam and West Bengal where elections are to be held next year. In both these states, the politics of Bihar also has a great impact. In this way, the opposition can get new power and the difficulties will increase for BJP. The BJP somehow wants its share of power in Bihar so that its strategy for Assam and Bengal is not affected.


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