Bihar Assembly Election 2020: Nitish Kumar or Tejashwi yadav, know whom bihar people want as their leader | Is Nitish giving a strong fight? Know what this survey is saying


new Delhi: The voting days for the Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 are approaching. As these days are coming to a close, in the same way, there is a growing buzz in the political corridors. Meanwhile, Lokniti CSDS (Lokniti-CSDS) has tried to know the mind of the people by doing an opinion poll. Let’s know how the mood of the people of Bihar is this time …

JDU-BJP government will get another chance?
People were asked in the survey whether the JDU-BJP government in Bihar should get another chance? In response, 43 percent people said no, while 38 percent people still want to give this alliance another chance. At the same time, there are 19 percent people who have not formed any opinion about it. This poll was conducted between 10 and 17 October. Overall, it means that the people of Bihar are now losing their trust in Nitish Kumar and they can think of giving a chance to a young face like Tejashwi Yadav.

Important election issue for the people of Bihar
When people were asked what would be the most important issue for you when voting? So, 29 percent of the people considered development to be the most important issue while unemployment is the most important issue for 20 percent people for which they would like to vote. It is worth noting that education was an important issue for only 7 percent of the people. Inflation by 11 percent and poverty by 6 percent considered an important electoral issue.

Which way do people trend?
In this pre poll survey, 38 percent of the people saw voting trend in favor of NDA and 32 percent trend was seen in RJD-led grand alliance. While GDSF showed 7 percent, Chirag Paswan’s 6 percent in LJP and 17 percent in others.

When did the survey
The survey was conducted between October 10 and 17, in which 60 percent male and 40 percent female voters were interviewed. In this survey 148 booths of 37 assembly seats have been covered in which 3731 people were talked to.


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