Baba Ramdev fell off from an elephant while doing Yoga, video gone viral, users made funny comments –


A video of yoga guru Baba Ramdev is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In this video, Baba is practicing yoga by sitting on top of an elephant. During this time their balance deteriorates and they fall down from the elephant. This video is told of Monday when Baba was teaching yoga practice to saints at Ramnarethi Ashram in Mathura. After this video went viral on social media, Baba started tweeting on Twitter and people are making fun comments on his video.

Baba Ramdev had set up a yoga camp on Tuesday at Ramnarethi Ashram in Mahavan. During this time, he was doing pranayam sitting on an elephant. During this time, when the elephant started moving, Baba’s balance deteriorated and he slipped his hand and fell down from the pit. However, Baba got up and started walking and no injuries were reported. He quickly started laughing but after his elephant fell from the top, all the saints and devotees present there were shocked.

This video of Ramdev has been shot in social media. A user named Nirmala Tai wrote, “Breaking news Kangana Ranaut gave her wooden horse to Baba to do yoga.” One wrote, “As soon as this government goes, Baba will fall down from everywhere, just watch.” A user named Faizal wrote, “This guineas person sometimes falls from a bicycle and sometimes how much he will fall from an elephant.”

One wrote “Baba Elephant Gir Police has arrested the elephant under UAPA.” A user named Dance of Democracy wrote, “These elephants are Modiji and Baba economy, look like it has collapsed.” On Monday, yoga guru Ramdev taught yoga to saints at the ashram of Karshani Guru Sharanananda Maharaj located at Mahavan Ramanarethi. Guru Sharanand Maharaj also did yoga on stage. During this time, Baba Ramdev did yoga postures on an elephant. A video of him went viral on Tuesday, which is about 22 seconds, in which Baba is doing yoga posture sitting on the elephant.

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