Asian countries News: China fueled speculation of trade deal with Taiwan, says India should follow One China policy – China threatens on speculation of India taiwan trade deal, says India should follow one china principle



  • China, India threatened by speculation of starting a trade deal with Taiwan
  • China’s Foreign Ministry said – India should follow One China Theory
  • China told Taiwan its integral part, said – we will protest

China has become chilly due to speculation of future trade negotiations between India and Taiwan. China’s foreign ministry has threatened India even before formal negotiations begin. The ministry said on India’s trade deal with Taiwan that there is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an integral part of China. One China Theory has been recognized by all countries of the world including India.

Will oppose any deal with Taiwan
The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China strongly opposes the official exchange of any country with the island of Taiwan. Especially countries that have diplomatic relations with China. We will consider issues related to this judiciously and appropriately.

Taiwan wants to do a trade deal with India
Recently it was reported that India and Taiwan could start formal negotiations on trade deal amid deteriorating relations with China. Taiwan has wanted to negotiate a trade deal with India for many years, but the Indian government has been reluctant to do so. The reason for this is that India did not want to get angry with China. But for the past few months, there have been elements within the government who favor trade deals with Taiwan.

Who will benefit from trade deal
In the same month, the Government of India approved several companies’ proposals for making smartphones. These include Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, Wistron Group and Pegatron Corp. A commerce ministry spokesman did not immediately comment. Taiwan’s top trade negotiator John Deng also did not respond to emails. If direct trade talks with India begin, it will be a big win for Taiwan. Due to pressure from China, it has struggled to initiate trade deals with any major country.

India has not given recognition to Taiwan
Like most countries, India has not given formal recognition of Taiwan as a country. The two countries have unofficial diplomatic missions as representative offices. The two countries signed an updated bilateral investment agreement in 2018 to strengthen their economic ties. In 2019, trade between the two countries was up 18 per cent to reach $ 7.2 billion.

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Global Times has threatened revolt in India
China’s official media Global Times has written directly that India is calling for trouble by playing the Taiwan card. If India supports Taiwan’s independence or denies the One China Theory, we too will turn away from the promise of not supporting Indian separatists. India had committed to not supporting One China Theory and Taiwan’s independence. In response, China had mutually promised not to support India’s separatist forces.

China may provoke separatists in India for rebellion, Global Times threatens

Threatened to support Indian separatists
The Global Times threatened that Taiwan’s separatist forces and India’s separatist forces are in the same category. If India plays Taiwan cards then it should be known that China can also play Indian separatist cards. Chinese media said that the Indian Army has given a statement that it is preparing for a two and half front war against China-Pakistan and internal rebellion. Internal insurgency involves separatist forces and terrorists.


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