Arjun Kapoor shared his bad experience of being corona positive, said – ‘Used to eat food in disposable plate, I used to have very bad thoughts’. Arjun Kapoor told Aapbeeti, said – ‘Used to eat food in disposable plate, seeing the report, I used to have bad thoughts’


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  • Arjun Kapoor Shared His Bad Experience Of Being Corona Positive, Said ‘Used To Eat Food In Disposable Plate, , I Used To Have Very Bad Thoughts’

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Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has been freed from the grip of Corona virus. Despite reports coming in negative, he does not feel physically fit. He believes that his body’s energy and immunity has been reduced significantly by corona. Arjun does not want to be infected again, so these days he is taking more precautions. In a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar recently, Arjun shares his experience of fighting the battle with Corona.

Many positive thoughts were coming to mind when positive: Arjun

I would like to share this with those people who feel that the corona virus which will stop the whole world in 2020 cannot do anything to them. To be honest when my report came, I was very much confused. Many bad thoughts were coming to mind. There was also disappointment that the shoot was canceling because of me. But the mind was keeping calm, because I had to face it. After the report came, it took me six to eight hours to accept that the corona was not as dangerous as I was worried about it. The first few hours were quite tense.

Sister Anshula arranged for isolation

Luckily Anshula was at home at that time. He made my isolation like I am living in my own room. I was cleaning my utensils and washrooms. Eating and resting in disposable plates. Doctors told me that the virus was less likely to spread after 10 to 14 days, but we still took caution after that, because I had to resume shooting. I did not want to cause anyone else to get sick.

My immunity was reduced after 14 days

Due to the video call and home support from the doctor, my health was recovered quickly. But I had to be careful so that I could come back negative and start working on the set again. On the 14th day the doctor allowed me to get out of my room, walk on the terrace, but I was still very careful, because caution was necessary. My immunity was somewhat reduced. I wanted energy so I started walking slowly. I started on 20 September and now we have reached the end of October. Now I think I am completely fine.

Symptoms like flu, but need extra caution

Whoever is reading this interview and believes that it will not have any long side effects, let me tell them that your body will continue to feel a lot of problems, tiredness, lack of fitness. The energy of the body does not decrease overnight. It is not like the flu. Its symptoms are like the flu, but you need to work harder and be more careful.

Don’t think 21 days go bad

I quit thinking that the corona was spoiled for 21 days. I kept in mind that this round will also end. I am still very careful, because I do not want to be one of them, whom the virus replicates. I was also excited that I would beat it. Even today when I go out, I never forget to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

Wrong thinking that young people don’t have corona

Young people should take the corona virus seriously. I had very mild symptoms and took less time to recover. If you are young and think that corona virus cannot spoil you, then you are wrong. When I went to work, I did not even meet my family and friends. Even now when I go to shoot, I try not to participate in social activity. I believe that in this way you can protect your close relatives, friends and group from the virus.

New beginning possible till this Diwali

100 percent recovery is the state of mind. I am feeling positive, happy, calm, relaxed. I am excited to go back to the set and start working and put 200 percent of my energy into it. But at the same time I am careful. Doctors have suggested me to work one day at a time instead of working hard. I am feeling perfectly healthy, but can be physically 84 to 92 percent healthy. I am improving health. This Diwali I hope that I will leave this chapter behind and make a fresh start.

Will also complete other projects

I was coddled, it does not mean that I believe that all things will be under planning. I only hope and I pray to God to keep all things going according to plan. We all have to be careful and do our work. This virus is not going to go anywhere. I am excited to go on the set and work with the feeling that it is a teamwork. I am excited to come back, meet people and defeat the virus and make life normal every day.


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