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HighlightsWhile announcing that he was leaving the party as he was angry with Devendra Fadnavis, Khadse’s throat was full. However, Khadse said that he was subjected to low level politics.

Mumbai: Senior BJP leader Eknath Khadse has finally announced his resignation from the party. While leaving the party, Eknath Khadse has leveled harsh allegations against BJP opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis. “I was charged with molestation on the instructions of Fadnavis,” Khadse said. This time, Khadse named Fadnavis after social activist Anjali Damania. Therefore, Anjali Damania has expressed outrage. He also said that he would give a detailed answer in this regard.

While announcing that he was leaving the party as he was angry with Devendra Fadnavis, Khadse’s throat was full. However, Khadse said that he was subjected to low level politics. “A woman had falsely accused me of molestation. Anjali Damania made this accusation against me, then went to the Santa Cruz police station and spent the night in chaos. The police filed a case against me at the behest of the then Chief Minister. The police inspector there informed me about this, he said that the Chief Minister himself had asked me to file a case. After that I went to the Chief Minister, went to him and asked about it. At the time, the women were making a fuss all night, so they had to file charges. Let’s take it back again, said the then Chief Minister. Khadse said that this incident had brought him into disrepute and that politics had been carried out against him at such a low level that he had decided to quit the party.

Anjali Damania said that due to Khadse’s allegations, the fire in her soles went to her head. “Eknath Khadse made some statements about me at yesterday’s press conference. I decided not to talk about it because I was not at home at the time and I had not heard what he said. But when I heard it at night, the fire in my soles went to my head. I will hold a press conference in this regard at 4.30 pm today, ” said Anjali Damania.

Fadnavis said

Devendra Fadnavis is on an inspection tour of Marathwada and journalists had asked him about Khadse’s NCP entry. Speaking on the occasion, Fadnavis said, “I have not received any official information that Khadse has resigned from the BJP. The party’s state president will give his reaction on Khadse’s entry into the NCP.” Also, I will speak in this regard after receiving official information, said Fadnavis.

Be happy at home

Eknath Khadse’s decision to join the NCP is very unfortunate for him, the party in which his political career took place. He had stepped in from the market committee to the revenue minister. Khadse should not have left that party, said Raosaheb Danve. No one in the party is upset about Nathabhau. Nathabhau would have got the support from the party, but it would have been important to go for some time. Some court matters had to be settled. Nathabhau is a good friend of Anna. But now, wherever they go, they should be happy, said Raosaheb Danve.

Reaction of Sudhir Mungantiwar

Sudhir Mungantiwar from BJP, while giving the first reaction after Eknath Khadse’s entry into NCP, has said that if he can go, he should return. Pramod Mahajan had said that working against the will is the Bharatiya Janata Party. Eknath Khadse has worked with Pramod Mahajan. However, the entry of Eknath Khadse into the NCP is shocking news. It is also a matter of concern for the party, I think. It is shocking that a leader like Khadse, who served the party for 40 years, is now joining the NCP in the guise of nationalism. I have also worked under his leadership. Therefore, all I can say to Eknath Khadse is, O Janewale, come back if you can .. Sudhir Mungantiwar reacted to Khadse’s NCP entry.

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