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Partha Pawar has clarified that important NCP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was not infected with corona. Ajit Pawar has been suffering from body aches and fever for the last three-four days. As a result, Pawar has canceled all his tours and rested at home in Mumbai. (Deputy CM Ajit Pawar not Corona Positive)

Meanwhile, Ajit Pawar was shocked to learn that he had contracted corona. However, Ajit Pawar’s son Partha Pawar has denied the news. ABP has told me that Ajit Pawar was not infected with corona.

Ajit Pawar’s corona has been tested, fortunately the test has been negative. Various discussions were started about Ajit Pawar’s corona test. However, his report has been negative. At present, Ajit Pawar is resting at home as per the doctor’s advice. On Saturday, Ajit Pawar had visited Baramati, Indapur and Solapur areas to inspect the damage. However, he had canceled the tour on Wednesday. Ajit Pawar instructed the administration to repair the roads and bridges affected by the floods. After wrapping up his tour of Pandharpur, Ajit Pawar started feeling dizzy. Then they got fever. The report came negative after Ajit Dad’s corona test, but as a precaution, Ajit Pawar is resting at home.

Supriya also told Sule to stay away
Meanwhile, Ajit Pawar was experiencing body aches and fever two days ago. Due to this, he was asked to sit for a long time in the meeting with Supriya Sule. Also, Pawar himself was guiding the meeting from a distance.

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Web Title: Deputy CM Ajit Pawar not Corona Positive; Parth Pawar told

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