Ajay K. MD, Sarovar Hotels Chain Declaration of arrears, 15 new hotels to be increased by 2021


new Delhi: Hospitality company Sarovar Hotels and Resorts has plans to add about 15 new properties (hotels) by the 2021 mark. A top official of Sarovar Hotel & Resorts said that as part of the expansion plan, the company will add new properties mainly in second and third tier cities. The company currently manages 93 hotels in 55 destinations in India and Africa. The number of rooms in these hotels is 6,900.

Managing Director of Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, Ajay K. Baqi said that under the strategic expansion plan of 2021, we will add 15 new hotels in the second and third tier cities. These hotels will be added in cities like Panipat, Morbi, Dalhousie, Katra, Dibrugarh, Latur, Mussoorie, Dhamtari, Udaipur and Jalandhar etc. He said that these new hotels will be opened under the brand Sarovar Premier, Sarovar Porticos and Golden Tulip.

Regarding international expansion during this period, Arrear said that Sarovar would expand its Portica brand as part of the international expansion plan. Under this, the hotel will be opened in Dar-us-Salaam, Tanzania. He said that further the company management will work according to the contract model. We are also preparing for the rapid expansion of the Golden Tulip brand through the franchise model.

Regarding the impact of Kovid-19, he said that it has had a great impact on the industry. It cannot be fully estimated right now. He said that according to the current situation, if the booking of hotels reaches even 50 percent by December 2020, it will be a good situation for most hotel owners. (Source-language)


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