AIIMS director claims corona virus will spread rapidly in winter



  • AIIMS director claims, corona virus will spread rapidly in winter
  • Dr. Randeep Guleria said, Kovid-19 will spread like swine flu
  • Dr. Guleria claims, air pollution in winter will make corona serious
  • On the claim of plasma therapy not being effective, it is too early to say anything

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For the past few days, cases of Corona virus news have been decreasing rapidly across the country including Maharashtra, UP. As a result, active cases are also decreasing in the country and life seems to be normal. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has warned people and asked to take precautions like masks and two yards still. At the same time, if Dr. Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS, believes that this relief will not last long.

‘Corona virus will spread rapidly like swine flu’
Dr. Guleria said, ‘Swine flu spreads rapidly in winter. Similarly, Corona virus in winter will also spread. There is also evidence that air pollution will also help to a great extent in the spread of Kovid-19. It has been studied a few months back in Italy and China.

‘Too early to say anything about the success of plasma therapy’
On the other hand, Dr. Randeep Guleria also responded to ICMR’s claim that plasma therapy has not reduced the deaths from covid. He said, ‘It is too early to say. Now we should wait for more data. Most of the patients studied in the ICMR study already had antibodies. If you already have antibodies, then there is no significant benefit of giving them from outside.

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‘Plasma beneficial for everyone, wrong to claim’
He said, ‘Plasma is not a magic bullet. We have to use it where it is desperately needed. It is wrong to claim that it is beneficial for all. This is what we learned from Kovid that the right time in treatment is very important.

Prime Minister warns, caution is necessary until vaccine

In his address to the nation on Tuesday evening, PM Modi had appealed people to take precautions. Prime Minister’s Couplets ‘Watching ripe farming, farmers grumble. A lot of baggage is enough, come home then darling … Referring to, he explained that only after seeing the ripe crop, some people are filled with extreme confidence that now the work is done. But until success is achieved, do not be negligent. Until the vaccine of this epidemic comes, we must not let this fight weaken.

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